Paper Daisies

A pressed flower is a moment trapped between the weight of pages…..saved for another time. But as time passes the flower’s petals loose their colour and shape, becoming something else altogether. A new kind of beauty. Not the Paper Daisies of Western Australia though. They stand as tall as they did in their glory even as […]

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Pink Mink Corella

The Pink Mink Corella looks plain far off at the top of tall gumtrees. In flocks they form a mass of off-white feathers, clinging to branches and squawking in the loud, unabashed way Australian birds can. In Western Australia these birds are considered a pest by most of the population due to their overbreeding, roving around in […]

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Wild Cockatiels

Every painting is a process. A hand reaching out to catch a moment of inspiration. Swirls of wild birds in the mind of the artist land on the canvas. Swirls of pattern form behind them as they shape the scene.

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White Spider Orchid

Orchids of any variety have an air of mystery to them. They have historically been hunted for and sought out by those that long to see rare and unusual blooms growing in places we don’t normally associate with flowers.

Helen and her family live at the centre of Western Australia’s Wildflower Region.

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Blue-winged Kookaburra

Helen’s paintings often have native birds as their subject. There is something intrinsically wild about Australian birds.

To hear or glimpse a Blue-winged Kookaburra silences you and makes you freeze, not daring to move a muscle in case the special moment passes too quickly and the bird flaps its plumage and disappears.

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