High fashion meets and visual art, presented in a breathtaking installation in Aspects of Kings Park Gallery Shop, Kings Park.

A Masterpiece Blooms

This year, internationally adored Aspects of Kings Park,
is home to a celebratory union of art and fashion inspired by
the essence of Australia’s breathtaking flora and fauna.

The Collaboration

Join us on a journey through the heart of Kings Park as celebrated Perth fashion designer, Karen Elizabeth Young, and esteemed Western Australian acrylic artist, Helen Ansell, unveil “Floralia”. This installation is an intimate blend of Young’s fashion prowess and Ansell’s unique artistic sytle, embodying the spirit of native Australia.

Karen Elizabeth Young: Perth Fashion at Its Finest

Reclaiming her space in the fashion world, Young has proven resilience and unmatched creativity. From winning accolades in the fashion industry to her groundbreaking 2022 “Dior Noire” collection, she continues to awe and inspire.

Helen Ansell: WA’s Favourite Wildflower Artist

Living and working in Mullewa, WA’s wildflower haven, Ansell’s bond with nature is deep-rooted. With seven years of gracing Aspects of King’s Park with her art, her passion for the Australian bush in all its splendour remains unwavering.

Accessorizing Nature

Enhancing the gown’s allure is a splendid floral headpiece and waist corsage by Young. These pieces weave together faux stems from Australia’s green canopy, capturing the nation’s untamed elegance.

The Floralia Gown

Marvel at the meticulous details of the gown handcrafted by Young and her gifted seamstress Jasmine Ng. Every hand-painted motif by Ansell paints a story, bringing to life the Wattle Bird, Honey Eater birds, and a medley of iconic Australian wildflowers. From the gentle sway of gum leaves to the fiery dance of scarlet banksias, the gown is more than a garment; it’s a canvas of our rich Australian landscape.

Mark your calendar!

Floralia will be on display from 1st September – 1st October! 
Witness the awe-inspiring Floralia gown, a testament to the evolving synergy between Australian art, fashion and nature on display at Aspects of Kings Park, for the Everlasting Kings Park Festival in September.

“This art installation captures Kings Park’s rich biodiversity and is a must-see experience during September. Displaying this Western Australian collaboration is a perfect fit for Aspects of Kings Park, which prides itself on the highest quality Australian craft and design.”

Festival Director, Luke Clynick


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