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Honey Possum – Original Painting


Helen Ansell Original Painting

This painting is currently on exhibition at Helen’s Pop Up Exhibition for the Wildflower Season in Mullewa and will be available to be posted when the exhibition finishes after September 30th 2021.

Acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm.

Free pickup/delivery to Mullewa, Geraldton and Perth.

Sold Out


Botanical Description

This tiny marsupial, Tarsipes rostratus, is found in the south of Western Australia, being most common in regions of high Proteaceae diversity. Its entire source offood is nectar and pollen from a diverse range of flowering plants, and is often an important pollinator;similar mammals are all bats.

It is mainly nocturnal, but will come out in daylight to feed during cooler weather. A prehensile tail and opposing toe on the long hind-foot enables it to climb.

It is pictured here amongst Acorn Banksias, Banksia prionotes, a native of its habitat.

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