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Magpie Season – Original Painting


Helen Ansell Original Painting

Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80cm.

Free Australia Wide Postage.

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Artist Statement

“Magpie Season” is the original painting I used for a design that was then translated into a mural for Coorow Primary School. Coorow is a small country town that is only a few hours from where I live in Mullewa and the town’s emblem is the much loved Magpie. Magpie’s are not only known for their beautiful singing but are also very intelligent birds, ranked amongst the world’s smartest creatures.

Botanical Description

The Western MagpieGymnorhina tibicen dorsalis is found in the fertile South-West corner of Western Australia where it’s Noongar name is Koolbardie. It has a wide variety of calls, many of which are complex and can mimic over 35 species of native and introduced bird species, as well as dogs and horses. It is generally sedentary and territorial throughout its range, living in groups occupying a territory, or in flocks or fringe groups. A group may occupy and defend the same territory for many years. It is omnivorous, with the bulk of its varied diet made up of invertebrates, is predominantly a ground feeder, where it moves around by walking rather than hopping. The bird was named for its similarity in colouration to the European magpie. The adult males of this subspecies have a white back, and are predominantly the ones that swoop during the breeding season.

It is featured here amongst Mulla Mulla, Wattle bloom, Marri-Gum flowers and Paper Daisies.

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