Pincushion Hakea – Original Painting


(Hakea laurina)


“This is a native plant of coastal south-western Australia, ranging from Narrogin through to east of Esperance, while being most prolific towards the south.

Sandplains are its usual habitat, but sometimes it occurs on sandy clay.

It is also grown in quantity throughout the rest of Australia and in other countries.

The Noongar name for the plant is kodjet or kojet.

This is a shrub or small tree with smooth grey bark.

Flowering occurs from April to July.

Fruit then form in clusters of up to 10; are wide, egg-shaped, smooth, occasionally with rough pitting and ending in a short beak.”

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Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 70 cm
Stretched and ready to hang on wall

Free International Postage Available



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