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Spotted Pardalote among the Isopogen – Cushion Cover


Artist Statement

Isopogen are one of the closest native flowers I could find that resemble the South African Protea (which is beautiful but not native to WA). I love the hot shade of pink variety of these amazing flowers!

Botanical Description

The spotted pardalote (Pardalotus punctatus) is one of the smallest of all Australian birds, and one of the most colourful. Although moderately common in all of the reasonably fertile parts of Australia (the east coast, the south-east, and the south-west corner) it is seldom seen closely enough for easy identification. Pairs make soft, whistling wheet-wheet calls to one another throughout the day, which carry for quite a distance. One of the difficulties in locating a pardalote is that the contact call is in fact two calls: an initial call and an almost instant response, and thus can come from two different directions. They nest in a long underground hole inside of a riverbank or shaded slope. Isopogon latifolius is a shrub of the family Proteaceae that is endemic to Western Australia’s southwest from Albany and the Stirling Range eastwards to the vicinity of Cheyne Bay. Because it is extremely sensitive to dieback it is at risk of extinction in the wild.

Also available as a Rectangle Paper Print, Rectangle Canvas Print, Square Canvas Print and Square Paper Print.

Sold Out


Designer cushion covers showcasing artwork by Helen Ansell.

Featuring native Australian flora and fauna designs, the perfect Australian gift or souvenir.

100% Cotton. Made in Australia. 45 x 45 cm. Four designs available.

*Worldwide postage available.

**Please allow 14 business days for this item to be posted.

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