Twenty Eight Parrot – Original Painting


Acrylic on canvas, 61 x 61 cm
Stretched and ready to hang on wall

Free International Postage Available

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Twenty Eight Parrot (Barnardius zonarius)

The Australian Ringneck is a native parrot found across the continent, except in extreme tropical and highland areas. The sub-species, semitorquatus, lives in the south western forests of coastal and sub-coastal Western Australia and has colouring as pictured. Its name, ‘twenty-eight’, was derived from its distinctive ‘twentee-eight’ call (or ‘vingt-huit’, from an early French description).

It can be either resident or nomadic, and eats a wide variety of foods including nectar, insects, seeds, fruit, and both native and introduced bulbs.

In the north it starts breeding in June and in August in the south through till February. It nests in a hollow or in a tree trunk, laying four or five eggs.

It is not considered to be threatened, but in W.A. gets locally displaced by introduced rainbow lorikeets that aggressively compete for nesting sites.

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