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Verticordia spicata – Original Painting


Helen Ansell Original Painting

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50cm.

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“For a long time I have been fascinated by the huge diverse range of tiny bush flowers that come out after the ever popular wildflowers. The vertocoridias are one of the most spectacular of these – and worth braving the hotter months of October to see. There are many varieties of these “feather flowers” but one of the prettiest is the spicata – so tiny yet so pretty and such an amazing shape, like a tiny bouquet of roses gathered along a single stem. I also love the different shades of link from light to dark which make this flower so attractive!” Helen Ansell

The Spiked Featherflower (Verticordia spicata) is a flowering perennial plant, usually an upright to spreading dense bush growing to at least 1 m, with small leaves pressed against the stem and spikes of pink scented flowers, which bloom from late spring to early summer. It is endemic to the south west of Western Australia, growing in sandplains from Kalbarri through to Morawa and Three Springs.

Inland Thornbill (Acanthiza apicalis) is a small bird, about 10 cm long, found throughout Australia, including the SW of WA, has a lifespan of around 6 years, produces several calls of its own while also mimicking those of other birds, and has a wide habitat range. Its typical diet is spiders and other small insects.

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