Visit Helen Ansell in Mullewa!

Mullewa, a little outback town in Western Australia’s midwest region holds a special place in the heart of wildflower artist Helen Ansell. She invites you to adventure to the Australian bush, to discover the beauty of the region, the wildflowers, and the spirit of the community.

Helen Ansell Studio Gallery

Discover coffee, cakes, art, and the melodies of a piano. Meet Helen in person and take away a piece of Mullewa and its wildflower country.

Open Hours: 9am – 1pm, Monday – Friday

Address: 3 Jose Street, Mullewa WA 6630.

Helen’s gallery is also available for viewings and private events by appointment. If you are coming through Mullewa get in touch!

Email Helen to arrange to see the studio gallery.

Explore the real Australia and visit Mullewa, its wildflowers, warm community, and Helen Ansell’s artwork awaits!

Explore the Helen Ansell Wildflower Country and Mural Trail

Mullewa boasts a rich tapestry of art and nature. Navigate your way through this scenic outback town. Immerse yourself in art, nature, and the stories that intertwine them.

Mullewa's Wildflower Wonders

Wreath Flowers at Pindar

1000 of these mesmerizing flowers line an isolated stretch of road hidden in the Australian outback. A truly once in a lifetime experience to see these unusual blooms that resemble colourful coral or wreath of arranged flowers!

Wildflower Walks

Experience the natural beauty from the lookout and indulge in an authentic Aussie bush walk surrounded by carpets of blooms and views of the changing desert.

Coalseam National Park

Wander amidst fields upon fields of radiant wildflowers you won’t be disappointed!

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