Dancing Brolgas – Square Canvas Print


Artist Statement

These amazing large dancing birds remind me of the Japanese cranes so often depicted in their beautiful Woodcut Prints. I was lucky to be able to spot some in the distance in person on a trip to Derby in 2019 where I worked with the Moyanjum Artists and students from the local school in doing a mural for the town. 

Botanical Description

A bird in the crane family; it has also been given the name “Australian Crane”. It is well known for its intricate mating dance. The performance begins with a bird picking up some grass and tossing it into the air before catching it in its bill. The bird then jumps a metre into the air with outstretched wings and continues by stretching its neck, bowing, strutting around, calling and bobbing its head up and down. Sometimes just one brolga dances for its mate; often they dance in pairs; and sometimes a whole group of about a dozen dance together, lining up roughly opposite each other before they start. Brolgas are widespread and often abundant in north and north-east Australia, but are as far south as Victoria. Their diet is mainly bulbs and sedge. They are non-migratory but move to different areas in response to seasonal rains and drying.

Helen Ansell Fine Art Canvas Print – also available as a Square Paper Print.


Helen Ansell Fine Art Canvas Prints are available to purchase either stretched (gallery wrapped, ready to hang on the wall) or unstretched (with 9cm white border) ready for you to frame yourself.

  1. Small – 40 x 40cm (16″ x 16″)
  2. Medium – 60 x 60cm (24″ x 24″)
  3. Large – 90 x 90cm (36″ x 36″)

Printed in Australia.

*Please allow up to 17 days for your purchase to be posted. Beautiful art requires time to be printed, dried and stretched to get to you in ready-to-hang condition!


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