Pink and Grey Galahs – Square Paper Print


The Pink and Grey Galah is one of the most common and widespread Australian cockatoo, and it can be found in open country in almost all parts of the mainland. Its distinctive pink and grey plumage and its bold and loud behaviour make it a familiar sight in the bush and increasingly in urban areas. The term galah is derived from gilaa, a word found in Yuwaalaraay (South East Australia). They form huge, noisy flocks that feed on seeds, mostly at ground level. Galahs bond as pairs permanently, although a bird will take a new partner if the other one dies. They can live for up to 70 to 80 years but in their natural habitat they are unlikely to reach the age of 20, falling victim to traffic and predators. In places where danger from hawks and eagles is high they can be seen jinking along irregularly in flight to avoid being easy targets. Their average lifespan is about 40 years.

Helen Ansell Fine Art Paper Print – also available as a Square Canvas Print.



Helen Ansell Fine Art Paper Prints are now available as giclée quality prints using Fine Art smooth paper 220gsm. Using archival ink, all have a lightfastness under glass and away from direct sunlight of greater than 200 years. Fine Art Paper Prints available in three sizes:

  1. Small – 30 x 30cm including white border of 5cm (made to fit a 30 x 30cm frame) – Actual image size is 20x20cm.
  2. Medium – 40 x 40cm including white border of 5cm – Actual image size is 30x30cm.
  3. Large  – 50 x 50cm including white border of 5cm – Actual image size is 40x40cm.

Printed in Australia.

*Please allow up to 6 business days for your purchase to be posted. Beautiful art requires time to be printed, each print is made to order just for you.

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