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Native Australian Bird Art – “Red Capped Robin”


Helen Ansell Original Painting

Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm.

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What could be more Australian than a bright bird against a Golden Wattle? Native Australian Bird Art – “Red Capped Robin” is an original Helen Ansell artwork on canvas.

A Message From The Artist

“After spending a few weeks painting Blue Wrens I thought it was fitting to follow with a Red Robin! It is a common misconception that red-breasted robins are only native to England and the UK. Here in Australia we have our own native robins. 

These cute little birds can be found across a large part of Australia, including the Mid West of Western Australia where I live. Their bright red colours standing out in the natural landscape.”

About “Red Capped Robin”

The flowers featured in this piece include the Golden Wattle, Flame Grevillea, Dryandra (which has now been renamed as a Banksia) and Eucalptus Macrocarpa – or Rose of the West. When tourist flocking to Western Australia for the wildflower season think about wildflowers they often think about fields of colourful blooms. The flowers of Australian native Eucalyptus are just as stunning and make a gorgeous backdrop to the huge variety of small Australian birds that call these trees and shrubs home.

The bright red breast of the the Red Capped Robin stands out against the yellow backdrop of yellow pom pom and pink sprays. Native Australian Bird Art – “Red Capped Robin” is a tribute to the bursting colour of Australian outback scenes whatever the season.

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